Car Club Pavilions

To reserve a premium parking area on the 2019 show field for your car club, the following simple criteria applies:

Open to all pre-74 Car, Hot Rod, Truck and Bike clubs

At least 8 pre-74 club vehicles must attend

The club will arrive as a group

The club standard (name/logo) will be prominently displayed

Members are available to interact with the general show going public

The Strokers Club is a great example

They setup a large tent with their club name on it, the club dragster is displayed in front and they have members available to answer questions

They are always very social and professional

If your car club wants to set-up in a similar way, the ODR  will be happy to provide a reserved area


To reserve a space for your club just contact me no later the June 1st with specifics and we'll reserve a space

Price of admission still applies: $15 per head

Car Club Traffic Pattern

Red Arrows indicate correct path to show field


Car Clubs who attended in 2019: Ty-Rods, North County Street Rods, CMDR, Carbs, Rattlers & Push Rods